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Introducing MySomerton Sports Coaching

12 Mar 2021

A branch of Somerton Sporting Club, we are the world’s first digital sports club offering seamless access to sports coaching across the globe.

Welcome to the Club

Whether you are a client seeking a stellar sporting experience or a professional coach motivated to share your knowledge, we consider all associated with MySomerton as part of the family.

Being a member of our family means being involved in a movement which will evolve into a thriving community, connecting those who love sport.

In addition to seamless access to sports coaching, MySomerton members will be provided with an abundance of sports related content to enjoy, including exclusive blogs, podcasts and insight.

 Our Heritage 

Somerton Polo

MySomerton started life as a polo team, competing in high goal national events from their home in Offham, Kent.

Members recognised the challenges presented for those seeking participation in their sport, deciding to provide a more transparent pathway.

Offering their services, the club advised clients where to rent facilities, access horses and find coaches, making the route into polo safer and ultimately, more enjoyable.

Their success gave birth to the idea of incorporating the same principles into all areas of sport and in 2018, Somerton Sports Club was established.

 For the Love of Sport 


MySomerton is committed to the Corinthian spirit. This is the highest standard of sportsmanship and resonates with all amateurs on our platform.

The word “amateur” comes from the Latin, “to love” and this translation defines the drive behind our service offering. We engage in sport for the love of participation and are dedicated to breaking the constraints of involvement.

At MySomerton, coaches and clients are brought together in the pursuit of sporting fulfilment, beautifully.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you.

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For those looking to take their sporting adventures to the next level, we also offer bespoke once in a lifetime experiences.

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