Adrian Ballinger

// Squaw Valley, California, USA

World class mountaineer. One of the most accomplished skiers and big-mountain climbers in the world, Adrian has summited Everest 7 times.


Squaw Valley, California, USA


7 Everest summits, including 1 without supplemental oxygen.
First person to ski Manaslu.
Only American to ski two 8,000m peaks.
Thirteen 8,000 meter peak summits since 2008.
First to summit three 8,000m peaks in only 3 weeks.
Only non-Sherpa member of Everest summit rope-fixing teams since 2010.

Adrian Ballinger
"These are powerful, life-changing experiences. I love to share them with others."

Adrian is a record-setting big-mountain climber and skier committed to pushing his limits and showing others how to do the same, the right way. His two decades on the mountain and 7 successful Everest attempts have taught him a lot and have inspired another passion - sharing the lessons he's learned with others.