Ingrid Backstrom

// Cascade Mountains, Washington, USA

Iconic backcountry skier, The North Face Athlete and five-time winner of the Female Skier of the year Powder Award.


Cascade Mountains, Washington, USA


First ski descent of the Reddomaine Peak, China. Voted Female Skier of the Year five times in the Powder Awards.

Ingrid Backstrom
"I love adventures of any kind, but mainly the ones where you leave out of the back door with just some skis and a daypack. In other words, I like things that are simple and straightforward with a challenge."

During her twelve years of skiing professionally, there are very few places on the planet that Ingrid hasn’t explored and skied. Famous for her freeskiing in first ski descents in Greenland, Baffin Island & 20,000 feet Reddomaine Peak in China, the ten-time Powder Awards Female Reader Poll Winner has been calling the mountains home for a long time. Backstrom was named a top 50 most influential action sports athlete by ESPN in 2013, as well as Female Skier of the Year five times in the Powder Awards. She is part of the elite roster of North Face Athletes and in 2005 was awarded the Powder Awards Breakthrough Performer. If there’s one thing Ingrid knows about, it’s powder. She can guide you to the secret, untouched powder fields of Alaska, Chile, and Antarctica, to name a few. Freeskiing just got redefined.