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Thomas Lurz

// Germany

German swimmer specialising in long-distance freestyle, 2x Olympic champion in open water swimming and multiple time world champion.


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12x World Champion,
3x Olympic Champion (2004, 2008, 2012),
1x Olympic-bronze (2008 in Beijing ),
1x Olympic-silver (2012 in London),
3x overall Fina - world cup winner (2009, 2011, 2013) 5 x European champion,
27x German champion,
33 international medals,
14 years member in the national squad,
6x open water swimmer of the world.

Thomas Lurz
"Dealing with victories, losses and realising what is important to reach your goals, is my biggest life lesson so far. This means separating everything that doesn't help you to reach the big goals."

Thomas Lurz is the most decorated open water swimmer in the world. He swam in his career distances, where other humans don't even go by boat, under really hard circumstances in the sea or endless training sessions in the pool. To achieve that, the former open water swimmer needed to have a clear vision and a goal in front of his eyes every day - with a passion and a will to get over the pain in every training session. His older brother was his role model and later his coach for more than 10 years due to him he started swimming as a sport. At the age of 7, Thomas won his first medal and this was the motivation to keep going in the sport. Until he finished his career, several medals followed like twelve World Champion titles, two Olympic medals, five European Champion titles and a bunch of other awards. His training and competition kilometres tally up to 40.000 km. With a total of 12 winning titles at world championships, Thomas Lurz is not only the most successful swimmer in Germany, but he is also the only person who has won all disciplines at the World Championships. His favourite disciplines were the long freestyle distances like the 5k, 10k and the 25k in the open water. He has swum in lakes, rivers and oceans all over the world.