Paige Alms

// Maui, Hawaii, USA

Canadian-born, Maui-raised, Paige Alms is the top female big-wave surfer in the world for a second year in the row. Historically dominated by men, Paige is carving a new path for women in big-wave surfing and is currently on the hunt for qualification in the 2020 Olympics.


Maui, Hawaii, USA


2 Big Wave World Titles, 2 Pe'ahi (Jaws) Championship wins, ESPY Nominee for Best Action Sports Female, 3 XXL Big Wave Female Performer of the Year Awards, Full length documentary "The Wave I Ride" in 2016. First Woman to get "barreled" at Jaws in 2015.

Paige Alms
"You can manifest everything you want in your life, you have to believe it is possible and then create it!"

Paige Alms, born in Victoria, Canada, moved to Maui when she was 9 and grew up enjoying the beautiful waters on the north shore of the island. While many know Paige for her most recent achievements, she has been a competitive surfer since she won her first US National Title at 13 and is currently a member of the Canadian National Surf team and is competing in the ISA World Games and Pan American Games in hopes of qualifying for the 2020 Olympics. Paige is 30 years old, a Patagonia ambassador, organic gardener, animal lover, fitness and fun addict, and travels the world in search of perfect waves during the summer while spending the winter at home on Maui. She loves being involved with the next generation, running surf camps and doing motivational speaking and hopes that what she is doing will help inspire others to live their dreams.