Troll Peninsula, Northern Iceland

Heliskiing with Ingrid Backstrom in Northern Iceland

January - April


Troll Peninsula, Northern Iceland


Intermediate - Advanced


January - April

Ingrid Backstrom

Iconic backcountry skier, The North Face Athlete and five-time winner of the Female Skier of the year Powder Award.

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What is it

Exclusive access to longest runs and the best summit-to-sea skiing in Iceland. The peaks here, cut up by deep, glacier-carved valleys and fjords, are of modest height (few surpass 1,500m above sea level) but the vertical descents can be up to 1,000m, some all the way to the black volcanic shoreline.

Where is it

The Troll Peninsula is a mountainous area curved by its surrounding valleys, fjords and mountain peaks, with the highest being Kerling (1538m).

Who is it for

For powder seekers and fair weather skiers.