Riksgransen, Sweden

Heliskiing with Ingrid Backstrom in Riksgransen, Sweden

March ? April


Riksgransen, Sweden


Intermediate - Advanced


March ? April

Ingrid Backstrom

Iconic backcountry skier, The North Face Athlete and five-time winner of the Female Skier of the year Powder Award.

What it is

The village of Riksgransen is Sweden?s northernmost ski resort, famous for its beautiful scenery, varied skiing, and excellent snow conditions. In the early 1900s, it was depopulated. The amounts of snow were simply unmanageable. What was then regarded as a problem has nowadays been transformed into a haven of the best skiing in Sweden. Most of the skiing takes place off-piste via helicopter, but not all. Heli ?down days? are replaced by ski touring and skiing the cropped and the winding pistes that the resort has to offer.

Who it is for

For those wanting to experience a haven of the best skiing in Sweden.