Ecuador, South America

Surfing with Gony Zubizarreta & Marlon Lipke in Ecuador

December - April


Ecuador, South America


All levels


December - April

Marlon Lipke

A German Portuguese surfer and one of the best European surfers. Marlon was European champion in 2012 and continues to compete around the world.

What it is

The beginning of surf in Ecuador dates back to the 60s. Ecuador’s coastline is as diverse as they come, 1,400 miles of coastline and more than 50 beaches offering a virtual smorgasbord of waves: lefts, rights, beach breaks, reef breaks, warm water and pristine landscapes all adding up to a surfer’s paradise. Ecuador’s surfing is focused around northern reaches of the country and the expertise between Gony and Marlon will take you off the beaten track, away from the crowds of Montanita, to remote surfing that utilises the north and south swells whilst embracing authentic south American culture.

Where it is

Ecuador is the perfect place to learn to surf, in warm water without a suit, and mostly on sandy beaches.

Who it is for

A once in a lifetime trip for those who are passionate about surfing in the very best locations on the planet.