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What is Somerton Sporting Club?

A members' club that organises time, provides training, advises on products, curates experiences and provides logistics for our members in whatever sport they wish to excel in.

A mentoring organisation that brings the world’s leading professional sportsmen and women to coach, advise and mentor our committed amateur community.

Elite Members receive an individually tailored programme designed for their needs – this involves planning everything from technique training, access to top coaches, specialised fitness training, dietary training and equipment guidance.

As well as coordinating day-to-day activities, Somerton “Planners” also arrange unique sporting experiences for Members, fishing in Patagonia, Kitesurfing in Zanzibar. Etc.

Somerton is a community of people who are committed to sport and the Corinthian spirit.

What is SomertonSC

A global offering

A professional club

240+ professional athlete members
75+ elite coaches and trainers
40+ sports suppliers and locations

14 disciplines

14 sporting disciplines.

64 sports

Expertise and a professional network of connections for 64 sports.

200+ experiences

200+ sports travel experiences designed by our professional members and coaches.

80+ locations

Relationships with over 80 locations worldwide, including private clubs and facilities.


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