Georges Ngay-Katalay

Georges Ngay-Katalay

Streatham, London, UK

Having been both a boxer and kickboxer for the past 20 years, I have developed a deep passion for the sport. While I started as a kickboxer, I quickly began integrating boxing into my training to advance my technical skill set. My teaching philosophy comes down to this: The best and quickest results come from the right combination of movement, technique and speed. In my sessions, I expect hard work and discipline, with patience, motivation and guidance for you in return. Together we can find your limit and push beyond them.

ABA Level 1 & 2 Boxing Coach Afewee Brixton Bc Lead Coach For The Senior Team Team Tieu Combat Coach Kickboxing Coach Boxing Tutor CRB checked

20 years experience in Boxing and Kickboxing 5 Seniors Amateur Boxing fight 5 Kickboxing Fight

English, French

13 hours

"It's not about being the best, it's about being better than you were yesterday!"

Boxing with Georges Ngay-Katalay 2

  £20 per hour (free intro session)

    Offers discounts

Gymbox Farringdon, Leather Lane, London, UK

1 reviews

Minimum Age

18 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 5 people


Boxing punch bag, boxing ring, boxing pads, battle ropes, kettle bell, truck tyre, hammer, sledder, slamming and medicine ball.....


Fitness club, Gymbox Farringdon

The Fighting Spirit Boxing Club is a small group of maximum 5 people working on boxing skills, technique and fitness.

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