Ronan Gaborit

Ronan Gaborit


I am a 22 years old's Strength and Conditioning Coach and I am currently based in France. I have always been interested in sports performance and this passion grown up over the years during my education. I graduated with a bachelor in sport sciences and with a master's degree in High Performance Sport : Strength and Conditioning in Spain (courses were delivered in english). Several weeks ago I have graduated with a certification named " Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist" delivered by the National Strength and Conditioning Association so now I have the desire to improve my experiences, to be close to the athletes I train to ensure their physical improvements and to do what I love to do every day.

Bsc in Sport Sciences, Msc in High Performance Sport: Strength and Conditioning and CSCS diploma delivered by the NSCA.

I am really proud of my previous experiences as a S&C coach, as an athletic trainer and as a sport scientist. I had the luck to work with top clubs like UD Almería (2nd division Spain), FC GOA (1st division India and Asian Champions league) so it helped me a lot in the understanding of data and in the implementation of programs I made to ensure the fitness level of my athletes. I had also the possibility to develop my hands-on knowledges by working with semi-profesionnal clubs in France. It was interesting to see a different approach of performance by reducing the training load and modifying the training strategies in accordance to the level of the players and the facilities of the club.

french, english and spanish (intermediate level)

"I don't have any. I am an ambitious person and I am always trying to give the best I can. "

Football with Ronan Gaborit 1

  £20 per hour

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Minimum Age

16 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 2 people


Running shoes and body Of course if the athlete got some speed ladders, weights at home, barbell, bench, dumbbells or elastics, exercises could be more varied so more interesting for the athlete.


running track or athletics track to develop the aerobic and anaerobic part.

I would coach them by doing an effective program including aerobic, anaerobic and strength trainings with different working cycles. The goal would be to improve their fitness level without creating fatigue and by reducing the risk of injuries. I generally realize a detailed programs with some videos and tips to ensure a proper movement's execution. Of course, I would ask some feedbacks to the athlete to adapt the program I made to his training level.

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