Afraa Farhat

Afraa Farhat

Altrincham, UK

I am a strong passionate individual with a strong passion for gymnastics, dance and cheerleading. I have experience as a cheerleading coach with vortex cheerleading in Southport. Dance and gymnastics coach with Rhythmic Gymnastics & Dance Workshops in Hazel Grove, Stockport. Dance Teacher at De La Salle school in St Helens. I’m currently signed up to be a cheerleader with rising stars in Stockport.

Level 2 Performing Arts and Level 3 Diploma in Dance

Completing my level 3 dance course at college

Arabic and English

"There’s always room for self improvement both personally and professionally and there’s no such thing as I can’t "

Gymnastics with Afraa Farhat 1

  £5 per hour

    Offers discounts

Online & Altrincham, UK
    Willing to travel

Minimum Age

4 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 20 and 30 people


Hoops, ribbons, balls, mats and etc


Gymnastics arena

My clients will start doing warm up first and then they will be split into their groups to work on different rhythmic gymnastics and general gymnastics

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