Freya Lukas

Freya Lukas

West Yorkshire, UK

Hi ! My names Freya I’m a very reliable and trustworthy 20 year old, looking to further her portfolio after I had a bad accident 2 years ago. I was coaching and riding before that (professionally), however had to have time off to heal. I am now looking to get back into the coaching side and eventually the ridden side (currently only riding my own). Because of this, I am offering discounted prices as I do not have insurance at the minute. I will be getting it again but need to have regular clients first. So please take that into consideration. I’m offering coaching for; ▪️Dressage - upto novice/ low elementary ▪️Pole work ▪️Showing ▪️General flatwork ▪️Groundwork ▪️Online coaching ▪️For anything else, please message me to see if I can help. This is just a rough blanket guide. I have 16 years + experience with equines from both personal and professional sides. In 2016 I went to college for my level 3 Equine management course - 2 years This included; ▪️Working horses from the ground ▪️Biology ▪️Biomechanics ▪️Evolution ▪️Training youngsters ▪️Riding - dressage, simulated XC & show jumping ▪️Coaching - from beginners to more experienced. To which I got the highest grade possible in everything. I have worked with and/or ridden; ▪️Pleasure horses ▪️Retired horses ▪️Race horses (retrained or being retrained) ▪️Show horses (Upto county level) ▪️Dressage horses ▪️& show jumpers As I have mentioned I am very reliable, patient and take my job very seriously. I am currently a carer so I strive for the best. I understand that everyone needs to find the right coach of them, the way they want to ride and their ethics. I believe that a horse should never be forced or punished. Riding and coaching should be done through positive reward not negative punishment. I always try and make sure that the lesson is left on a positive where both horse and rider feel proud and have accomplished what they desired. Although I try to have realistic goals for each lesson. And I also give homework to continue the good work. If you have any questions, please feel free to text me and I will call you once I am able to.

GCSE’s level 3 horse management diploma- 2 years - triple distinction *

Level 3 horse management diplomas - triple distinction* Breeding my own horse Being a very successful groom for 3 years, going to shows, competitions and we qualified for Olympia.


"“Forget all the reasons it won’t work & believe the one reason it will” "

Horse Riding with Freya Lukas

  £20 per hour

    Offers discounts

Online & Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK
    Willing to travel

Minimum Age

4 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 3 people





I can offer a range of services which I have listed in my description

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