Dounya Adman

Dounya Adman

London, Royaume-Uni

I’ve helped clients through top athletes preparing for the Olympics Games to be at their best, busy business owners to regain their energy and get back to the body of their dreams, people with chronic illnesses to reduce their pain through nutrition and much more. I am Dounya Adman graduated Dietitian Nutritionist in France. I use research, science-based techniques but also ancestral techniques such as ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine and African medicine to help my clients get the best supply for their health. My holistic approach focuses exclusively on you: your mindset, your symptoms, your diet and the organisation of your life. This way I can build a personalised food programme that fits your goal and your daily life so that it is easy to achieve. From planning to execution, I set my clients up for measurable success. Also as a Leadership coach for Facebook, my overarching goal with all clients is to use the psychology of motivation to shift thoughts from “I’m not ready for this” to “I can do this.”

Sport Nutrition

French and English

"To have things that you never had, do things that you never did."

Nutrition with Dounya Adman

  £150 per hour

    Offers discounts


Minimum Age

18 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 1 people


A food program and a comprehensive health report.


Not specified

During 1h, we will examine your needs, your symptoms, as well as the smallest details of your daily life. All this link your diet to your condition. I will be able to evaluate your nutritional needs to fill your deficiencies. This is where the construction of your diet plan begins. Understanding the root of the problem and put in place the first actions. Depending on your needs, I will accompany you week by week online, and I will adapt the program precisely to your life each week. Event: - A team with more energy and full of health means achieving better results, Right? Offer them an event around nutrition, send me an email to find out more.

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