Joshua Dunstan

Joshua Dunstan

Caerphilly, UK

My name is Joshua Dunstan, I am 26 years of age and love sports and physical activities. I did parkour and free running for around 8 years. I love being around people and helping people grow, watching them learn and mentoring people gives me joy. I love coaching people as you can see the happiness they get from developing their own skills and knowledge.

I have a Sports Coach UK award provided by Sport Wales

I was a 1st degree black belt in tae kwon do in which I once represented Wales, played football for my county, was very good at athletics during my school years and won numerous sporting events, gold medals in athletics and tae kwon do.

English fluent

"Dont follow where the path may lead, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail"

Parkour with Joshua Dunstan

  £15 per hour (free intro session)

Online & Cardiff, UK
    Willing to travel

Minimum Age

5 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 5 and 15 people





I will teach the client basic parkour and advance movement techniques such as jumps and rolls. In addition to this, a warm up session will be included prior to ensure full stretching of the muscles prior to exercise. All sessions will have a session plan in place prior to conducting session and evaluated after to ensure the training is effective and efficient. I will use a multitude of training styles such as Auditory, Visual and Kinaesthetic in order to cater to all needs.

Working hours








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