Aaron Richardson

Aaron Richardson

London, UK

I am an ambitious and driven individual who loves anything and everything sport or physical activity related. I was a late bloomer into my sporting career starting my track and field career at age 22. I'm still competing as a 100m and 200m runner but always felt that if I knew and done some things earlier I would have progressed quicker then I had. This thinking started off my own personal mission of trying to help people reach their highest potential in physical performance. I've always wanted a career where I could make a difference to peoples lives. Doing the work that I currently do now gives me great satisfaction because it is a joy to help people move better, feel better and perform better. The impact it has on their day to day lives not only physically but mentally makes a positive difference to them which motivates me more to do better for my clients. I have worked with a wide variety of individuals over the years from many different backgrounds with various goals, from sporting individuals looking to improve their performance, rehabbing clients back from prolapsed discs, training people with neurological diseases to helping the general public reach their wellbeing goals. This has developed me and progressed my approach and flexibility as a coach. I treat every individual person and program with specificity but over the years have come up with principles and elements of a program that should be consistent across the board. From a coaching standpoint I like to use guided discovery to help create and improve engagement but also for the benefit of the clients development. If my clients start to understand what they're doing, when they're doing something well, when they're doing something they shouldn't be doing and knowing what that feels like, then they're also learning which can only benefit them and make them more engaged. From a programming standpoint over time I have established 5 elements that I like to see throughout anyones programs to help them reach their physical potential. Those are, Movement Quality (Mobility and Motor Control), Strength and Power, Metabolic Conditioning (Work Capacity), Injury Reduction (Prehab and Rehab) and Recovery.

Level 3 Personal Trainer UK Athletics Sprint Coach Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist

Running 10.72secs in the 100m


""I'm going to do today what other people aren't willing to do, so that I can do tomorrow what other people can't""

Personal Training with Aaron Richardson 1

  £75 per hour

    Offers discounts

Online & London, UK
    Willing to travel

Minimum Age

16 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 1 people


A mixture of free weights and functional exercise equipment for Personal Training clients. Outdoor running track for running clients.


Private gym facilities for 1-1 private coaching Outdoor running track for for those looking to improve their running mechanics and performance

Monthly Postural analysis, Performance and Metric testing and Goal Setting to keep track of process and constantly evaluate and review targets and goals. Private 1-1 Training for personal training and running performance clients Personal programme for non Private 1-1 sessions so you are informed of what to do on days not working with me. Prehab/Rehab programme for postural improvements and injury reduction measures. Constant access for any questions and help you may need. Video analysis on technique of activities you are doing when by yourself.

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