Amelia Irwin

Amelia Irwin

Exeter, UK

I run ATPerformance together with my business partner - we are both level 3 qualified PTs (in the process of level 4 nutrition qualifications as well) and are powerlifters ourselves. We take a science-based approach to coaching, and you can check out our instagram: @atperformancecoach

Level 3 Personal Trainer


Personal Training with Amelia Irwin

  £5 per hour (free intro session)


Minimum Age

16 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 1 people


Not specified


Not specified

At ATPerformance we construct personalised online training programmes for you to follow in the gym or at home to help you achieve your goals (increase muscle, weight loss, aerobic fitness etc.). Included in this is nutrition advice/guidance where necessary, video call check-ins and help with improving your exercise form/technique. We also offer powerlifting-specific coaching and meet preparation. If you're interested, book an online session where we can talk about your goals! Prices are fixed at £40/month.

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