Donna Greaves

Donna Greaves

Birmingham, UK

I am a lady who has a lot of life left in her and enjoys life to the full. I like to live life on the edge and enjoy a challenge that is why I am always pushing myself to do something better. At the age of 18 months I contracted bacterial meningitis and doctors told my parents if I survived I would be in a vegetable state unable to do anything. However I have proven the doctors and medical professional wrong and that is why I seize every moment and every opportunity. I love exercise, competing, sports etc that is why I took part in the Simply Health half marathon and wanted to do the full marathon but fell and fractured my shoulder so I was unable to take part. Then after this I used my time wisely to get qualified in Health and Fitness and Personal Training because I have a lot of people who want my counsel when it comes to their keep fit journey.

Yes I have Active IQ Leve 2 Diploma in Health and Fitness and I also have Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

Running a half a marathon and being the fastest lady in my age group when my parent were told I would never be able to walk. Being able to gain my qualifications because I always had a barrier to my learning but have pushed passed this to achieve so many things.


"When life gets tough that is the time to grit your teeth and give it what you got!"

Personal Training with Donna Greaves

  £35 per hour (free intro session)

    Offers discounts


Minimum Age

11 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 4 people


The outdoors - visiting parks etc to run up and down hills by using ratios of slow pace and then speed it up giving it all that you got. Triceps dips of benches, step up by using the benches. Inside the gym using weights dumbbells or barbells, machine workouts, to achieve maximum workout of muscles with the use of the matrix, superset drop set, planks, (body weights exercise) squats, press ups, push ups, sit ups, cardio with a variation of levels built into the clients desire exercise plan.


One one one coaching, guidance, help with their diet, help with delivering a 8 week program, fitness tests in between setting apps to log their process to allow them to stay motivated, introducing new exercise or increasing their work sets weights to keep them achieving their maximum results and finally offer my personal guidance, help and support throughout all of their journey

Train with me Donna G D for determination O for setting your objectives so that you can reach your goals N for nutrition by making sure your meals are packed with what your body needs N for never cutting corners and making sure you put in the hard work so that you get the results your want and desire. A is for having an appetite that you make you a winner

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