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Iwan Cross

Caerphilly, UK

I (Iwan Cross) am an avid Rugby Union fan, having played for 12 years and coached for 5 (both for the same club). The passion I have for the sport led me to study a degree in Rugby Coaching and Performance at the University of South Wales, graduating in 2021. I had an interest in fitness beforehand, but whilst studying my degree I realised just how much I enjoyed the strength and conditioning aspect of developing athletes and furthered my education in this field. Results can often leave as quick as they come if there is no joy in what you do, and no one wants to be back to ‘square one’ every year. Helping others enjoy their training/diet is one of my priorities as I truly believe that life is a marathon, not a sprint. Part of the reason I enjoy coaching so much (be that in a gym environment or in sports) is the realisation that if I apply myself and help others to do so too, that I can genuinely change people's lives for the better. Coming from a sporting background, I am very much of the opinion that much of your training should aim to develop specific movement patterns and physical qualities. Simply put, if you want to get less tired walking upstairs – your training will require something that mimics the movement. My aim with those I train is to empower and educate them to make their own informed decisions when unable to seek guidance from me or another coach/trainer. This is done through informative conversations about how training principles can be applied practically to suit individual needs.

BSc Rugby Coaching and Performance, Level 2 Rugby Coaching, Level 2 Gym Instructor

Caerphilly Youth District Rugby player (2017-18 season), coaching junior rugby team since the age of 16 (2016- current)


"There's no such thing as "can't", just "won't" -OR- Small wins are still wins"

Personal Training with Iwan Cross

  £15 per hour

    Offers discounts

Online & Quest Gym caerphilly

Minimum Age

14 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 4 people

Equipment provided

None (other than the gym's equipment)



My coaching is very much client-centred and methods will be adapted to best suit individual goals. However, I do tend to prioritise training with free-weights and to train in a manner similar to that of an athlete's strength and conditioning session. I never make clients do anything I would not do myself, which also means that all sessions are enjoyable as I realise that training is much easier to adhere to if you enjoy the process.

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