Josh Whitemore

Josh Whitemore

Bristol, UK

I have a passion for health and fitness! My goal is to help others get the same benefits as I have from fitness. I live and breathe it, on my mind 24/7 is how I can better myself to help others and make a difference. I have been involved in sport since a young age and have transferred that to my coaching to help achieve strong and confident clients! I have played cricket, rugby, football, hockey, tennis and golf all to a high standard therefore know the requirements for fitness levels for a range of sports. Having seen the confidence become stronger and fitter gave me, I want to help others achieve the same feeling. My qualifications include a level 2 gym instructor, level 3 personal trainer and a level 4 nutrition for sports performance qualification.

Level 2 gym instructor and level 3 personal trainer

I have played county cricket, South West rugby and county hockey. Along with football for Southampton.


"Helping people become stronger and more confident versions of themselves through exercise. "

Personal Training with Josh Whitemore

  £30 per hour (free intro session)

    Offers discounts


Minimum Age

14 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 6 people

Equipment provided

For Face to Face training, I can provide dumbbells, a barbell and Kettlebells.



My main coaching is an online coaching platform. This is for people who are looking to get into the best shapes of their lives for a much cheaper price than face to face personal training. It involves following a workout program via an app that can be accessed from your phone. You can train at home or at the gym, whatever you prefer. I then set nutrition targets to hit each day, with the option of providing meal plans too. This is perfect for someone who has a rough idea of what they are doing at the gym, but lack structure and don't find themselves making progress.

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