Stuart Munnich

Stuart Munnich

Tunbridge Wells, UK

I help aspiring entrepreneurs, busy professional and C-Suite Executives build and design the life that they deserve with focused mindset, health and fitness coaching. My Mind Body Accelerator (MBA) builds the foundations to live a life of purpose, happiness, fulfilment and in health. If you’re looking to improve and become a better person in all facets of life, ranging from health and fitness to career and from relationships to leadership then you’ve come to the right place.

L3 Personal Trainer

10 Hcp Golf.

English, German, Luxembourgish

Personal Training with Stuart Munnich

  £75 per hour (free intro session)

    Offers discounts


Minimum Age

18 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 6 people


Not specified


Not specified

Side effects from joining Agoge Project include: • Improved self-insight and self-esteem • Taking action towards your goals • Improved relationships • Reduced stress and anxiety • Bulletproof Body • Spartan Abs • Complete clarity in your goals • Overcome fear • A high alert and high functioning brain • Superior Confidence • Lowered risk of depression • Taking responsibility for your life • Increased resilience • Seeing setbacks as useful • Overcome mental blocks • A lot more fun and adventure What Exactly is in the MBA? You’ll have the guidance, resources, community, training, and access to world-class support. The Agoge Project MBA will be delivered with 12 modules you can access online 24/7. Monthly 1-1 strategy sessions We set a goal monthly, that’s clear, measurable, so that you can see progress in your self-development - as well as the direction that the time and money invested into the MBA is producing what you intended. Daily coach office hours In addition to the weekly session - you'll have access to connect with our coaches during the day for questions or additional coaching Weekly group coaching sessions Immerse yourself within the community packed with support and strategy to keep you moving forward. Direct messaging with our coaches It's part of our responsibility to be here for you, so we are available to speak 1:1 about anything that pops up. Community support It's important to not only know, but to feel, and understand you're truly not alone in this process. Daily accountability we are here to ensure you are supported in the best ways possible to keep you going when fear pops up and makes you want to retreat back. Weekly check-ins When goal setting it's important to have a way to measure and take note of progress so that the mind doesn't play tricks and tell us nothing has happened when a huge transformation has taken place.

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15% off for groups larger than 6 people

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