Toby Merivale

Toby Merivale

Cheltenham, UK

My name is toby merivale , i really enjoy my RYA dinghy sailing as my dad has taught me to be a far better sailer and how to teach RYA sailing instructing . I stand out as an RYA instructor as i have an eye of achievement with the adults & children i teach as i do a lot of teaching on land to start with so we go through how to rig and what all the different ropes are for then we come how to position your self when it comes to sailing then we do jibbing and turning the boat then i show them a how to dry capsize demo so when we go out on the water as a team i then get them to practise everything i have taught on land on the water so as i drive around helping each and everyone thats in my group lesson i get them so become the sailer that i'am in the weeks on the lessons as we go by and when there ready i teach them the race dinghy technics .

RYA 1/2/3

RYA 1/2/3


"Being a sailer is a true sport of passion "

Sailing with Toby Merivale

  £9 per hour

    Offers discounts

Somerton, UK
    Willing to travel

Minimum Age

15 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 15 and 15 people


Myself to teach


Myself to teach at the club on there boats or dinghys they provis

Learning to become RYA sailers like myself so becoming confident and becominy RYA dinghy racing sailers so i teach in two stages as i do teaching demos on land so i go through all safety do to do your life jackets up safely to wearing a helmet , then i teach my group how to rig a dinghy up so i show them then i get them all to do it one by one with my help , then i go through how to positiom yourself when it comes to sailing and what ropes you want to have with the different sails you have . Then i go through attacking & jibbing so once i have show them i get them and to have a go one by one while i turn the boat both ways of attacking and jibbing when there happy with that i turn the boat side ways with the daggwr board sticking out and i show them what a dry capsize is or what to do when you do capsize once there all happy and confident we get the boats ready and i check all the boats have properly been rigged properly then when i'm happy i get them to all sail out while i drive the motorboat out then we go through everything i have taught on the land on the water and i shout how to do it better or i will come along side and chat to them on how they can do it better

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