Sebastian Rosenberger

Sebastian Rosenberger

Leeds-London UK

Im an Austrian Peruvian artist currently studying film and have qualified as an instructor during my gap year where I worked a season in mayerhofen then to flachau Winkel, I stand out with my unique teaching methods I learnt in Austria enabling dynamic and quick learning for all groups up to expert level, I’ve had 3 months teaching experience in the alps with a regular changes in groups every week.

Anwerter snowboard SBSSV,

Winter freestyle edit,

English, Spanish, German

"Carpediem "

Snowboarding with Sebastian Rosenberger

  £25 per hour

    Offers discounts

Leeds, UK
    Willing to travel

Minimum Age

11 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 8 people


Not specified


Not specified

Everyday the group must start with a quick Stretch done in a Circle with games included for a dynamic warm up, this is followed by an assessment of each clients skill level and equipment, if equipment isn’t suitable it shall be corrected till all riders are comfortable. Continuing beignets will start with familiarising themselves with the board and binding, flowed by some pushing and skating exercises, once all riders are able to continue we will continue by learning how to use the edges of the board, standing frontside and backside, this then followed by some frontside and backside sliding, from here riders will be thought how to J turn starting with their most comfortable orientation. Riders will continue to progress learning both backside and frontside J turns, from this point on we will start exercises teaching them to connect turns and successfully combine bayside and frontside sliding to ride down the slope, next step is to improve positing and movement to make them better and more dynamic ryders also practicing switch riding and nose/tail presses. More skilled groups will be learning about carving down the slope harnessing the edges of the board to increase speed, continuing from there riders with ability will be tough 180‘s/360‘s Board slides 50/50 and do on depending on skill level.

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