Gabriel Saunders

Gabriel Saunders

South Hampstead, London, UK

My name is Gabriel! I’m 18 and a highly motivated aspiring sports coach. Sport is my favourite release and simply, my greatest addiction! I view coaching as an privileged opportunity to improve an individual in many senses. Of course, I see players with all different sorts of levels and I always work diligently to tamper my methods to needs to the individual so that I can not only see an improvement in heir game, but ultimately their confidence to present the best version of themselves when playing their chosen sport. However, my principles always remain the same-set goals in your sessions, listen attentively to one another, and play with a good spirit

I am a level 1 Table tennis coach, and an FA level 1 in football coaching.

Won 2014/15 player of the season at La Peña deportiva football club, winner of U16s table tennis tournament at Bounce (‘the home of ping pong’ club, achieved a sports scholarship at Aldenham school ( 3 contributing sports - table tennis, tennis, football) which was followed by winning the ISFA (independent schools football association) National cup with the school.

English, Spanish

"‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard’"

Table Tennis with Gabriel Saunders

  £25 per hour (free intro session)

    Offers discounts

2 Knightrider Ct, London EC4V 5AR
    Willing to travel

Minimum Age

8 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 4 people


Table tennis bats and balls



1. A five minute warm up-consisting of jogging, individual exercises, and stretching to get the blood flowing. 2. Begin knocking up on the table-gather some rhythm in the play and momentum to transfer into the main body of the session. 3. Based on the level of the player/s a forehand / backhand swing exercise can be carried out where the player looks to produce quality, and consistency in their shot selection. For advanced players, the shot selection can vary eg. One forehand in the right, one on the left, one in the middle. 4. Water break for two minutes - as these repetitive motions will be physically and mentally tough, demanding, and quite exhausting. 5. High intensity drill for 5 minutes where players battle it out on one side of the court (shot selection is done in the opposing boxes) - encourage the player to keep focus on their head movement when attacking the ball, and remind them to stay on their toes, enabling them to shift direction. 6. Match play- easily the most effective way to gauge an individual’s level and ability to cope with pressure points. Also, the most enjoyable and free flowing part of the session where players can implement the skills learnt from the drills into match situations. 7. 5 minute cool down-also consisting of an evaluation of what we have done eg WWW specifically and consider HOW and WHAT steps they must now take to improve as a player.

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