Mehrnoosh Sohrabi

Mehrnoosh Sohrabi

Sheffield, UK

My name is Mehrnoosh and I am originally from Iran. I have graduated in physical education and study MSc sports engineering in England. I started doing Taijiquan since I was 9 years old. participated in several championships which resulted in approximately 10 national medals and an international certification of the sixth level in Bulgaria Taijiquan world cup. I used to have online classes as well in Iran and all my pupils enjoyed it because I thought them scientifically.

I have 3rd level certification of Taijiquan coaching and these days I am participating in the 2nd level classes. Also I have the 2nd level certificate of Taijiquan referee.

9 gold medals, 2 silver medals in national championship and 6th level in world cup.

Persian(native), English(professional ), German (elementary )

"Power beside tranquility is what you achieve in Taijiquan "

Tai chi with Mehrnoosh Sohrabi

  £15 per hour


Minimum Age

4 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 5 and 10 people


Nothing at the beginning. But after years and progressing you will need special sword and fan which means you are stepping in a more exciting phase.


Just a spacious room.

Enjoy martial arts in every age with Taijiquan.

Working hours








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