Asha Penumarthi

Asha Penumarthi

Aberdeen, UK

I am a naturopathy and yoga consultant I love to teach yoga as it heals not only body but also mind I focus not only on physical asanas but also on the awareness and breathing which makes impact on the clients and improve their quality of life. Therapeutic yoga for ailments and yoga for stress management with various relaxation techniques are my specialty.

Bachelor of naturopathy and yogic sciences (BNYS)

English, Hindi ,Telugu

"I would like to promote and teach yoga to as many people as possible "

Yoga with Asha Penumarthi

  £15 per hour


Minimum Age

8 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 6 people


Not specified


Not specified

I would teach yoga ,therapeutic yoga for ailments like neck pain,back pain and knee pain. Yoga for weight loss and hormonal disorders like PCOD and thyroid issues. Yoga for general health Hathaway yoga, Astana yoga

Working hours








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