Flora Loder

Flora Loder

London, UK

My name is Floss Loder, I am 23 and currently working as a free lance yoga teacher. I am extremely passionate about the power of movement and exercise as a vehicle to unlock our minds and over come emotional barriers. I myself have suffered at the hands of mental illness and have found so much comfort and help in channelling what I am feeling into movement. This brings me on to what I enjoy the most in teaching yoga; helping my clients overcome emotional and mental barriers through physicality and breath work. Since becoming a qualified yoga teacher I have built a steady network of clients and the way I usually work is by conducting one on one lessons or groups of up to 5. I like to keep the classes small and personal as to give each student my full attention to help them achieve their goals. I love being able to work along side the amazing people I teach and make their experience feel unique and tailored to them, not just an instructor on a screen! what makes me stand out as a coach is my ability to think out side the box, always bringing a fresh and new perspective to the yoga asanas (poses), I go deep into the context behind the physical elements of yoga, always adding in a yogic principle (self discipline, non violence, etc) as the theme of each class, including breath work, intention and meditation as well as stretching and sweating of course. I do this, so my client feels they have had full and whole taste of yoga not just an exercise class!

200 hr Yoga teacher training

A few things I am particularly proud of that I have accomplished in my sporting career our the Machu Picchu trek in Peru, choreographing and performing in the Mandala theatre company's fire dancing performance in the Grenoble festival in France, Cycling down Yungas Road (also known as 'death' road) in La Paz, Bolivia, teaching yoga in Spanish at the Company MUSADE (helping survivors of domestic abuse) in San Ramon, Costa Rica and rowing through the amazon rain forest in Bolivia.

English is my first language and I can speak basic Spanish (I take weekly lessons in the hope of building upon this)

""Failures are sign posts on the road to achievement" C.S Lewis "

Yoga with Flora Loder

  £30 per hour (free intro session)

    Offers discounts

Online & 91 Hazlebury Road, London, SW6 2LX UK
    Willing to travel

Minimum Age

10 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 8 people


Matt, blocks, yoga strap.


I usually go to people's house. But if the clients does not have space or it is a big group I can offer a studio space.

Before every session I offer a free consultation, to discuss with the client any personal goals, general range of motion, flexibility and strength and what they really want to get out of the session. I will then tailor the class to this request/ factors. even in group classes I add in something for everyone! I start every class with an intention, breath work and short meditation to allow the clients to really tune into themselves and centre their minds so they fully present during the session. We then go on to the flow (usually about 45/50 minutes - of course depending on how long the clients has requested the session to be). I try and make the flow as fun, enjoyable and creative as possible, bringing something and exciting to every class. I always end with a slightly longer guided meditation to close the class and then discussion with the client how they feel, what they enjoyed, what they didn't enjoy and what they want more of. Over all what I offer is a personal and unique experience for each individual to unlock their minds and connect with her bodies.

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