Taylor Elton

Taylor Elton

Manchester, UK

As a yoga instructor, I have practiced yoga for over three years and earned my 200-hour certificate in teaching Hatha, Ashtanga, and Yin yoga in May 2021, with a practice based in India, Arohan Yoga. I have been educated in trauma-informed and weight-inclusive yoga, as my personal beliefs are to provide a space where all bodies and experiences are welcome to move their body and calm their mind. I utilize yoga as a took for meditation, building strength, and heading the body in my practice. I have also been educated on the history of yoga and the spiritual aspects of the practice through my training. I enjoy connecting with others and joining them on their yoga journey and hope to continue learning about accessible yoga, like chair yoga, as I continue my education. Outside of my practice, I'm earning a Ph.D. in Hispanic studies from the University of Manchester and love to travel.

3 years of practice

200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teaching Certificate from Arohan Yoga

Spanish, English

"Impara a vedere. Renditi conto che ogni cosa e connessa con tutte le altre."

Yoga with Taylor Elton

  £25 per hour (free intro session)

Online & Gym
    Willing to travel

Minimum Age

118 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 2 and 30 people


Not specified


Not specified

As a trauma-informed teacher, I will interact with students in gentle ways such as inclusive language and commands, soft recommendations, and limited physical contact unless otherwise asked. Regarding weight-inclusive yoga, I offer different phases of each pose and encourage students do what feels right for their bodies. In my Hatha practice, I emphasized joint health through the repetitive movement of the whole body. In Ashtanga yoga, I focus on building strength through vinyasa sequences and more challenging poses. Finally, in Yin yoga, I focus on a meditative state of stretch and breath, aligning the two.

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