Somerton is committed to sport and the environment in which it happens.
We bring people together to physically experience the world.
The money we make goes back into mending it.

Somerton is committed to the corinthian spirit

Somerton Sporting Club is committed to the Corinthian spirit. To do something for the love of it, not for aggrandisement, is what we are about. The word “amateur” comes from the Latin word “to love”. To engage in a sport for its own sake and to put something back into it, is what Somerton seeks to do.

To mend the environment that each sport happens in, to support the professional community in each sport. That is what Somerton is all about. Amateur and professional sportspeople coming together in one pursuit, in one place, beautifully.

SomertonSC Values

Giving back to sport

Somerton is committed to supporting the sports that it's involved in. Where we see sporting talent we will support it. Our amateur members will seek to contribute to the wider interests of the sports that they engage in. This may be a kid needing equipment or an athlete needing sponsorship for a goal. Somerton will encourage its amateur members to patronise the sport they belong to.

Giving back to the environment

Somerton undertakes its activities in beautiful places all over the planet. These places are deteriorating because of human activity. We are all responsible and ten per cent of the profits that we make will go into mending the area where our sporting activity takes place. If we go climbing in Yosemite , we will put money into repairing El Capitane. If we go free diving in Dahab, we will endeavour to clear the local marine environment of pollution. At Somerton we want to enjoy this world but we know that we must put something back.

Our partners

Somerton are proud to be partnered with companies that share our values of excellence in all that they do. We have specifically chosen these partnerships to improve and enhance the experience of our members. These also extend to charitable organizations, helping us commit to supporting the global environmental crisis. Through these carefully crafted relationships, we ensure that we are continuously striving to minimize the impact on the local environment in which the sports take place.

Following, is a selection of the broad range of industries that Somerton collaborates with.

SomertonSC Partners Logos SomertonSC Partners Logos