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We build sport into your life.

We curate, organise and deliver your sporting life, embarking on a journey into the world of sport with you. Experience the most beautiful places on the planet, engage in sport in the very best way and achieve your potential.

We do not believe in
‘one size fits all’.

Exploring our passion for sport takes a different shape for each of us. Our team of sport planners will curate the perfect programme for you. A programme fitting your goals, lifestyle and priorities.

We trust expertise.

Our coaches comprise Olympians, world champions and their support teams. Through years of training they have slowly perfected their craft, which they now share with Somerton members to help them achieve their potential.

We know what it takes.

Reaching your potential requires more than piling-up training sessions. We provide our members with all the support they need to focus and excel in their sports, from data analysis to medical supervision.

We believe in experiences.

Sport is not only about performing. It is about exploring, about making each session unique. We have partnered with exceptional sports venues and professionals across the world, so that no matter where you are, you know you can train in the perfect setting.

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Our team will seamlessly build sport into your life, so that you can enjoy your training and focus on your goals.