Benjamin Rogers

Benjamin Rogers

London, UK

My name is Benjamin I have been physical education teacher in primary and secondary schools for 3 years and am also in uni doing my sports science Bangalore. I love sports and I'm looking for a flexible job that I can do remotely.

F.A level 1, Gym Instructing level 2, Personal Training level 3

Learning how to rock climb


"Ferm but fair "

Football with Benjamin Rogers

  £35 per hour

    Offers discounts

Online & London, UK
    Willing to travel

Minimum Age

8 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 15 people


Depends on what I teach


A school grounds or gym

I'll coach them football or any other sport where ever they fell comfortable and feel they have the appropriate space. The tools I will use to teach will vary from person to person.

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