Robert Salihi

Robert Salihi

Colchester, UK

My name is Robert Salihi and I have been coaching football for over 7 years. Football is my number one passion, having played it throughout my childhood and adolescence and so I acquired my coaching badge at the earliest age I could in order to help pass knowledge on to future players and to help develop them into their best potential. Furthermore, I have been working out properly for over 7 years, and have self-taught myself everything I know in the gym through countless hours of research from; progressive overload to nutrition, recovery and injury prevention. Accumulating all these elements together, I am passionate about developing footballers technical ability, but also helping to provide them with the necessary knowledge to be in prime condition for the sport and to increase the longevity of their careers through the understanding of human biomechanics and having experienced injuries in my career that I have had to deal with.

Level 1 FA Football Coaching Badge Level 2 Personal Exercise and Nutrition First Class International Relations Graduate.

Player of the Year U16’s Junior Bees Soccer Scholarship Lindenwood University Belleville, Illinois Played for California State University, Chico Campus’ soccer team.


"Results mean nothing without longevity. "

Football with Robert Salihi

  £15 per hour (free intro session)

    Offers discounts

Online & Old Heath Recreation Ground, Old Heath Road, Colchester, UK
    Willing to travel

Minimum Age

16 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 3 people


Cones, Footballs, Agility Drill equipment, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Medicine Ball, Foam Roller.


Weightlifting equipment provided at my apartment

Depending on the clients targets I will be working to develop various elements of their game, focusing on developing the technical aspects and improving football IQ which is beneficial to players regardless of the position they play on the pitch. In addition, we will be working on improving body strength, speed, balance and agility; all of which are paramount to success in the game. Clients will also undergo a thorough warm up and cool down to avoid injury and will be informed in detail of individual aspects of their biomechanics which may be causing injuries that can be improved through myofascial release and corrective exercises. One to one fitness coaching and nutritional advice is also available through my years of working out at the gym, of which I had to make my own mistakes and learn from them and extensive research I have undertaken in my own personal time on the subject. Fitness coaching and nutritional advice can have a separate focus of which will take place in my apartment where workouts for this type are more beneficial or can be implemented in tandem with the football coaching in a more generalised manner. (Dependent on clients goals).

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