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Olivia Willis

Scotland, UK

I am 22 just recently finished my sports coaching degree. I have a qualification in 4 sports however my main sport is netball. I have coached all over the world including South Africa and have coached my own netball team to win university development team cup winners. I have coached ages from 18 months - 50+. Coaching is my passion and it is something I throughly enjoy, I love being able to do something I love and help other people along the way love it as much as me. Having over 5 years worth of experience in coaching environments has taught me a lot and I am still learning to this day and that is why to continue this.

First aid, multi sport development level 2, netball level 1, netball level 2, badminton level 1 and safety guarding and protecting children.

I have competed in the England under 21s college national team - for 2 years running played in South Africa,Ireland and Wales. I have also along the way won BUCS league in netball as well as various other tournaments. I also used to compete in the heptathlon when I was younger, I competed in the youth common wealth games, here where I came 4th this is a great achievement of mine. As well as having my own team winning the league cup.


"Everything happens for a reason - winners never quit And quitter never win"

Netball with Olivia Willis

  £4 per hour

    Offers discounts

Online & Glasgow, UK
    Willing to travel

Minimum Age

5 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 8 and 25 people


Balls,bibs, cones, fitness equipment


Netball Hall, sports hall, outdoor facilities

Face to face coaching, in groups big enough for fitness sessions and netball drills and session. We will do fitness based things with netball skills based on fitness and games ability.

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