Bana Zeitoun

Bana Zeitoun

Chester, UK

My name is Bana Zeitoun, I graduated from Jordan University with a certificate in nutrition and dietitian humans, I was born in Amman, Jordan I live in Istanbul, Turkey to learn Turkish language, I always like to increase my self-efficacy, challenge myself and learn something new,that why i applied for Chester university to continue my study with Msc public health nutrition and i will arrive on 4tg of september. My hobbies are reading and swimming. Because I am a nutritionist I am interested in healthy cooking and sport to keep me in a healthy lifestyle.Nutrition, dietitian, planning a healthy diet and clinical nutrition I was living all my life thinking about these words…when I was child my mother was cooking to us all healthy delicious food and this is inspired me to interest and go in deep with nutrition and I choose to register as a nutritionist in university even if there was a lot of fields available for me. I choose this because I love it! And when you love something you will be more professional and shine with your work. I have a general quote I keep it always in my mind "your nutrition is your medicine" and I believe in it, I believe that everything we consuming effected in our bodies, instead of medicine availability, there are a lot of diseases such as diabetes and hypertension…etc you need to control it with food, Although the healthy people need a healthy constant diet to protect their bodies from these diseases and keep bodies in healthy shape. Contemporary society, fast-paced and heavily reliant on technology has influenced the way we consume food. This dynamic life we live day to day has manifested a dietary and nutrition challenge in committing to a healthy lifestyle. Often people do not realize the importance of good nutrition for wellbeing. This whole world revolves around nutrition; we are absolutely nothing without nutritional values. My role as a nutritionist is to strive as part of my belief to spread nutrition and healthy diet planning to community and to maintain a healthier lifestyle for all people, and I have a central role to spread nutrition awareness in society and to help people suffering from diseases to use diets as a partial or total solution to solve their health problems. Finally I believe that nutrition field is a changeable field so as much as I have an experience I need to keep myself up to date. That's achieved by working in different society so I start learning Germany too, to go in deep with the new researchers and new experiments parallel to my acceptable score at ILETS. Apply to this job opportunity can reinforce my personal commitment towards further learning and the approval of my application will allow me to embark on this journey which I worked on it in my professional life.

I took multiple courses online related to nutrition

I made many diet plans for multiple athletic people including me and they all reached to their target. Sport is one of my hobbies i love doing spot and i am professional with it i read and search a lot about this topic as its going very well with nutrition field and you can't take one and ignore the other one.I will speak about my self during 3 monthes of curfew i increased my muscle mass and i change my body to the way i like with good food and home exercise.


"Your nutrition is your medicine "

Nutrition with Bana Zeitoun

  £50 per hour

Online & Chester, UK

Minimum Age

6 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 10 people


Diet planning -consultation



The major role of a nutritionist is to help others to be not only in a healthy diet planing but also in a healthy life style. And this will take multiple steps from taking the nutrition history habits of the person up to find out if there are any problems related to that should be solve.

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