Miguel Bengoa

Miguel Bengoa

Birmingham, UK

Hi there! I’m Miguel Bengoa and I’d like to tell you who I am and why you’ll get the best in Pilates training with me. First my credentials: - Balanced Body Comprehensive Training 500 hours - Body Arts Pilates Studios (Istanbul) full time apprenticeship - Pilates Method Alliance Certification - Studio Owner It’s about you, so, who are you? You can be a super fit dancer, athlete or someone that’s been relatively sedentary and just starting on your fitness and health journey. The Pilates repertoire is so vast, that everyone can find exercises that are manageable and some that are a real challenge. I have as clients who are seniors that have never done any kind of exercise before and also young elite athletes preparing for international competition at the highest level. There are challenges for everyone amongst the Pilates repertoire. It’s not just the “what”, but the “how”. And that is what makes Pilates the best corrective exercise methodology bar none. Pilates meets you where you’re at and takes you to where you want to get to. So, what do you get? I don’t believe in being an exercise leader, but I do believe in being a teacher. You’ll get the full package - you get to actually learn the Pilates repertoire on Mat & Reformer supported by the other apparatus: Chair, Barrels and Cadillac. I’ll not give you a fish, but I’ll teach you how to fish! In other words, you’ll become independent. You’ll understand how the Pilates system works (yes - it’s a system and it’s an easily understood system) and you’ll be able to apply the principles that you’ve learned to both your daily life and your Pilates practice. Just to show you, here’s a phrase that helps us understand how that system works: “… all Pilates exercises are one of two things: mobilising the spine over a stable limb, of mobilising a limb over a stable spine”. When you know and understand these principles, Pilates you’ll see Pilates as a logical system and you’ll easily be able to tell the great teachers from the good ones and the great movers from the average ones. We’ll start with the exercises most suitable for you and you’ll get homework so that you can begin to make corrective movement and exercise a daily habit. This is the best way to correct imbalances that everyday life causes. We do too much of the same things: sitting at desks, in cars and on the sofa. Ands then we start running or cycling to get fit and these activities are compressive and repetitive and cause more imbalances. And it’s these imbalances that eventually lead to injuries…. Pilates corrects this! Hope to see you soon, Miguel :-)

Pilates Method Alliance Certification

Countless Half Marathons. Several Marathon & Ultra Marathons up to 140kms Half Distance Ironman Triathlon for the Turkish Triathlon Federation.

English, Spanish, Turkish & Portuguese

"Consistency, perseverance and patience defeats the two causes of bad posture: time & gravity. There's no Magic Bullet."

Pilates with Miguel Bengoa 1

  £70 per hour

    Offers discounts

Birmingham, UK

Minimum Age

8 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 4 people


Full equipped Pilates Studio: Reformers, Mats, Barrels, Chair and Cadillac.


See above - also parking and showers available,

Address imbalances in your body through a Pilates programme on Reformer & Mat supplemented by work on Barrels, Chair & Cadillac as required. Home practice support given via video tutorials.

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