Liam Johnston

Liam Johnston

Ferry road

I’ve always loved sports and fitness. I really enjoy the team comradeship and the enjoyment that I get and the team get through doing something they love. I am also fun and full of energy and very social. I feel that I’m a good leader and great at motivating others.

Higher level 6 sports leadership Level 4 army prep Level 4 sports and fitness education

I’ve competed in archery competitions and won 2 comps I’ve done long distance running for a running group and achieved 3rd place I’ve played football and coached rugby and won 3 matches as a team for local clubs and schools


"If your not ready to fail your not ready to succeed"

Rugby with Liam Johnston

  £10 per hour (free intro session)

    Offers discounts

107A Ferry Road, Edinburgh, UK
    Willing to travel

Minimum Age

18 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 8 and 14 people


Rugby balls and bibs


Fields and the great outdoors

A great enjoyment for the sport and an reasonable understanding of the game but willing to learn more. I am very knowledgeable about leading and coaching abilities and this is filled with both personal learning and actual experience.

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Working hours










Get them to
discover a new sport


Help them achieve
their fitness goals


Get them active and
make them happy

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