Federica Gualtieri

Federica Gualtieri

London, UK

I am a Yoga Alliance qualified RajadhiRaja yoga teacher attained at Himalayan Yoga Institute. After practising for over four years and being also a dance practitioner for a lifetime, I know what is like to be holistically connected and transfer this to clients for their inner peace. My journey (thanks to my mom) Always been into movement since when I was 5: that is because my mummy literally threw me at gym at the after school evening gymnastic classes to get rid of my always-on-the-move inner nature that was kind of “possessing” me at all times: “Can you stop doing splits or roly-polies while speaking to me please?” she used to say. And I really got her at the end of the tether when, taking advantage of her usual nap, one day I decided to move all the furniture around because I wanted to create a path for … well… climbing… I spare you her reaction when she caught me out. She even decided, although my afternoon workout at school, to take me with her to her cardio/aerobic evening sessions for adults. I ended up dancing which is still a huge part of my life both for fun and at a semi- professional level. After arriving in London in 2014, I discovered yoga. I initially practised once or twice per week and then, during the furlough, I found myself in practicing twice per day – in the morning and in the evenings - noticing all the benefits of it, not to mention the peace of mind I attained while experiencing also of some kind of bliss. Even my dancing is much truer now. Being true to myself, I found an on line Rajadhiraja Course for teachers: anatomy, bio-psychology, glands, and meditation. I chose it for my own personal discovery and have since made the choice to pursue yoga full time and pass on my knowledge to others. During lockdowns and weather conditions permitting, you can find me dancing in parks, or on my yoga mat rolled out on a foliage fall bed, or into a playground trying out new upper body/stretching workouts with Olympic rings, or walking for hours into the wind. I stand out thanks to my Mediterranean innate nature, being straightforward and really caring with a lot of stamina and full of resources. My enthusiasm alone is enough to get people in.

Rajadhiraja Yoga teacher

Dancing at a professional level and being a very appreciated yoga teacher achieving every day results that I never thought of.

English, Italian

"When in doubts, dance it out"

Yoga with Federica Gualtieri

  £20 per hour

    Offers discounts

London, On line
    Willing to travel

Minimum Age

18 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 2 and 10 people


no need. Everyone will have their own mat


Not specified

I can bring significant experience to your team, including a wide range of yoga classes, and Rajadhiraja Yoga. My yoga practice, I believe, complements your own as it is highly connected to the balancing of hormones, based on pranayama, meditations, and calmness of mind. I can also teach Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha classes. I can coach in person or on line, in groups of 10 or 1-2-1

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