Hamish Ross

Hamish Ross

Glastonbury, UK

My name is Hamish, first and foremost I’m a yogi, I’ve been practicing since I was 14 and did my teacher training when I was 19. I’m 25 now! Aside from fine art, yoga is my biggest passion in life. I constantly seek to expand my practice and teaching skill set through the study and integration of ancient and contemporary sources of yogic study. I’m so grateful to be a yoga teacher because of the way that it pushes me to maintain devotion to my personal health, wellbeing and fitness. So that I can authentically coach and guide people through their own yogic journey’s. Furthermore I love being witness to the transformations that are possible through yogic practice. I love being a part of another’s journey of reconnecting/ deepening their sense of vitality, of their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. What sets me apart is that I live and breathe yoga and carry an authentic message of its potential to transform one’s experience of life. As I have personally overcome illness and achieved a thoroughly different and more agreeable experience of life because of it. My passion is therefore deep and my belief in myself and what I do gives me a lot of strength and commitment to my path.

I am certified as a master yoga teacher (500hr, yoga teacher training certified by the yta)

I would say my biggest achievement is as I mentioned in the other box, overcoming illness and creating a healthy life for myself through yoga. As no other achievement is more valuable. Aside from that, the continuing journey of what it means pragmatically you teach in western society has brought many challenges that I’ve overcome. Getting into my first proper studio in Brighton as a teacher was an achievement definitely, as it’s quite competitive. Teaching yoga at the few festivals that I have has also been a wonderful experience, getting to teach people from all over the world, I definitely count that as an achievement!

English and some Spanish

"We’re all just walking each other home- Ram Dass"

Yoga with Hamish Ross

  £50 per hour

    Offers discounts


Minimum Age

7 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 1 people


None aside from the personal equipment needed to teach online.



My services can be adjusted depended on the individual clients wants and needs. I am proficient in teaching various different aspects of yogic practice. I can teach Hatha, which is designed to balance and bring harmony to every aspect of the physical body, it is more restorative than a workout but also does provide cardio and strength training as well as many other benefits. I also offer vinyasa which is more of a dynamic workout while still cultivating many of the benefits associated with yoga. I offer Tantra (not as its understood in the media, but tantra in its traditional sense, the ancient roots of yoga, this is a form that is deeply relaxing and therapeutic, it is a combination of physical practices and guided meditation) I can teach breathwork (pranayama) there is normally an element of this within my classes but I can also focus on teaching this specifically. Finally I can teach meditation/ mindfulness, there is always an element of this is in my yoga classes but I can also tutor specifically this. I specialise in facilitating deep states of relaxation aiding in cultivating wellbeing and restoration in the body and mind.

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